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After testing and reviewing every hair loss product on the market, from Provillus to Rogaine, we can confidently say that when it comes to hair loss, nothing matches up to Provillus.

We want you to succeed in your battle against hair loss. Hence this site. Read our full review of Provillus, or go to their site directly at Provillus.com. Or read our other articles. You will find plenty to like here.




We've built this site with a simple aim: to give you all the information you need about hair loss.

Hair loss is one of those things that 'just happen'. Combing through your hair and finding a bunch of it entangled in the comb is one of the most dreaded feelings. Losing your hair is quite easily one of the most common fears around, especially for people above 30.

Your hair is an intrinsic part of your personality. Try imagining your favorite actor/actress with a thinning/balding head of hair. You would find it extremely hard to do so - hair, after all, is as much as unique, personal trait as the eyes, the ears, or the nose.

No wonder so many people dread hair loss and will do anything to rectify it. For such people, until a few years ago, there was no solid solution. Today, however, there are tons and tons of products that will not only stop hair loss, but even help it grow back to its former glory.

This site is centered around one such product, Provillus.

One of the most heavily advertised products around, Provillus is also among the most popular and effective hair loss solutions you can find. We've spent quite a bit of time using Provillus, and if you like to hear what we have to say, check out our review.

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